Canton Bay Chinese Restaurant and Bar – 130 Mounts Bay Road Perth

With Perth’s loss of the delectable Chinese fare at Yu (formerly Burswood Casino and replacement Silks is overpriced with stingy serving sizes) and Grand Palace (The Esplanade) and less recently our family’s favourite C-side Chinese (Sorrento) I was feeling a little desperate for that go-to Chinese restaurant. Well one that’s a bit fancier than Billy Lees (Northbridge) anyway.

Enter Canton Bay – beautifully decorated and perhaps not-so-coincidentally located (the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder). Having been twice in 6 months I’m prepared to say it’s my new favourite. The feeling is warm and friendly but styled with an elegant Asian fit-out that I enjoy when Chinese dining.

Duck pancake is a big favourite of mine – the combination of crispy skin, spring onion with a rich hoisin sauce wrapped in a thin pancake literally sends my endorphins troppo. This one definitely produced the desired effect! ($5.80 each).


Deep fried squids tossed with salt and chilli pepper ($23.80) was soft and not too heavy on the grease. You gotta appreciate a bit of vegetable art as well.


The Duckmeat wet egg noodle ($18.80) was light and clean, and the meat was…well, duck. Good duck! That makes me think – how would you describe duck? Rich brown chicken, but tastes way better than chicken, and you don’t want to pull the skin off like you would other meats?


Deep fried king prawns topped with Chef’s special honey sauce ($30.80) were so fabulously fat they took two large mouthfuls to eat. Once again they weren’t overly fried but I could have done with more of the so-called special sauce.


Armed with a small container for lunch the next day (never be embarrassed to take home leftovers – waste not want not) I was feeling pretty stoked and proclaimed Canton Bay as my new favourite Chinese. Phew!

What’s your fave?


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